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Dermaglide Medical-Grade Systems

Dermaglide medical-grade microdermabrasion offers a comprehensive approach to skin care that is non-surgical, safe and effective. The system utilizes specially formulated sodium bicarbonate crystals as the abrasive.  This all natural microdermabrasion procedure is the systematic medical approach in gradually removing the outer layers of the skin to encourage new cell regeneration.

Your skin is constantly exposed to environmental elements every day. The sun’s rays, pollution, wind and the natural aging process can take a toll on the skin.

The Dermaglide system was designed to protect the epidermis structure and maximize the collagen rebuilding  process while rejuvenating the skin.  This skin resurfacing process is effective on all skin types and delivers exceptional anti-aging results. The Dermaglide procedure is also effective for the treatment of acne,  acne related scarring and stretch marks. There is no down time or recovery period following microdermabrasion.

The cost of a microdermabrasion treatment can vary based on the expertise and qualifications of the person performing the treatment and the geographic location. The average cost of microdermabrasion is approximately $138. per treatment.

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Dermaglide microdermabrasion is one of the safest skin rejuvenation procedures available.

The Dermaglide system is designed to operate on many crystal mediums; however we promote the use of Dermaglide high-purity sodium bicarbonate crystals. Our crystals are specially formulated to achieve optimum results. Unlike aluminum oxide, exposure to sodium bicarbonate is not harmful and will not irritate the most sensitive skin. The lips as well as the area directly under the eye can be treated safely and effectively with Dermaglide equipment.  Dermaglide  medical-grade sodium bicarbonate crystals make the  microdermabrasion treatment a pleasant experience.

A series of all natural Dermaglide treatments can produce superb anti-aging results!

Dermaglide microdermabrasion equipment is made in the U.S.A.  We manufacture the highest quality, medical-grade microdermabrasion systems in the industry.  Our 21-Step quality inspection ensures that our systems meet the highest performance standards.

If you are interested in updating your current equipment, or if you are just starting your new microdermabrasion business, a Dermaglide representative can explain the benefits of all natural sodium bicarbonate and the cost saving advantages of our equipment.  Dermaglide offers excellent financing options.  To learn more about which option is right for your business please call or email us today.

Disclaimer: In some states, only medical professionals are allowed to perform procedures. Each state has specific governing rules and it is your responsibility to contact the proper governing body for approval before using any of our featured equipment.

Dermaglide Microdermabrasion Equipment Specifications

  • Supply Voltage: 115v 60 Hz Single Phase/ Standard Outlet
  • Power: 480 W
  • Absolute Vacuum: 20 HG
  • Air Flow: 3.15 CFM
  • Boost Pressure: 17 PSI
  • Crystal Consistency: 95%
  • Abrading Medium: The Dermaglide is the first microdermabrasion machine on the market specially designed to use sodium bicarbonate; an exciting new organic and therapeutic abrasive.
  • Classification: Class 1 Device (OIEC 101-1)
  • Type: BF
  • Dimensions:
    • Unit: 12” (h) x 18” (w) x 12″ (d)
    • Cart:  22” (h) x 14” (w) x 12″ (d)
    • Both: 34” (h) x 18” (w) x 12″ (d)
  • Weight:
    • Unit: 30lbs.
    • Cart: 27lbs.
    • Both: 57lbs.